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Chakia Hood

" Ever since I was a child I remember having a passion for nurturing children. As a child I had a difficult time learning. With the help of some fantastic teachers in my life and God I made it to where I am today. I grew up going to a private school as a child. Church was every Sunday , bible study every Wednesday , and praise and worship team on Fridays. It wasn't until my mother started a summer camp program where I became truly in love with helping children learn in the presence of God. As time went on I went to school for child development, worked in countless Montessori  daycares and more, but nothing was the same feeling I had until I became a Personal nanny to one of my students with special needs.My faith and along with my years of Montessori teaching , and tips I picked up as a Registered Behavior Technician help me bring a sense of balance and peace to the families I serviced. Today I am a proud mom of 3 beautiful children. I started my business to help families feel the same sense of balance and peace to the families I catered to in the past years. My pray is that the families we cater to will allow God to work in their homes ;as well as the Montessori program help the children grow in life  "- Chakia Hood





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