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⭐️ Educational Based Nanny Program  ⭐️ 


Our program has been designed for families who want their child(ren) to have an educational approach to nannying. We believe in nurturing the child as a whole. We have designed the nanny program which is a personalized daycare in your home. These nannies have been to school for child development ,worked in Montessori daycare centers. and have been a nanny for over 2 or more years .Our teachers come prepared daily with lesson plans and curriculum  to enhance your child(ren) learning. This along side with nannying gives the child(ren) a structured routine for the day. Teaching the child independence and learning all in one. Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. In Montessori setting children make creative choices in their learning, while with a highly trained teacher offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process.​


⭐️  Newborn Care ⭐️ 

This Program is for our postpartum moms and dads that need a extra hand at home. We partner with highly Qualified newborn care specialist in the DMV area. We offer Postpartum Doulas,Baby Nurses and over Night care. Each experienced  caregiver has a complete Background check ,is insured,CPR Certified. We are available to you for weeks or months depending on your needs

      ⭐️ ABA to Nanny Program ⭐️ 


At Lending Hands Friends we understand that children on the spectrum can be a different task at hand. When creating our ABA to Nanny program we look for staffing that has experience and background working with children who are in our special needs program.We are proud partners of The Learning Tree ABA . Staff participating in our ABA to Nanny program take our Intro into ABA training class where they will learn more about ABA and children on the spectrum and how to handle behavioral issues as well. We believe that using the tools of ABA we can help the child(ren) more as a nanny.The nannies that work with 

us are or becoming Registered Behavioral Technician which plays a significant part in how we handle our child in the ABA to Nanny Program. This program is also a great choice for a child with Behavioral issues. Our nannies specialize in behavioral approaches to maintain a fun safe environment for your child .If you have questions about how to register your child for ABA services please let us know.

Kids Racing

F I E L D     T R I P

We take 2 monthly field trips. at local libraries , aquariums, zoos & more . Our families are alerted when a monthly field trip is approaching and have to grant permission to your nannies to attend. The children get to meet and play with all our other children and nannies within our program for a day full of fun & adventure  !!!

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